The Branch 240 "TEAM"

Table Officers

President    Michael Godwin

Past President   Stuart Worthington

Ist Vice                Mark Nichol

2nd Vice             Paul Schwartz 

Executives Members

Inventory Control & Bar:    Stuart Worthington

Donation/Bursary:     Mark Nichol

Poppy Campaign:     Al Hyde & Percy Smith

Membership:     Mark Nichol

Publicity Special Events:     Thomas Marsden

Building & Grounds:     Bill Pugh

Honours & Awards:     Mark Nichol

Sports:     Thomas Marsden

Sick & Visiting:     Percy Smith

Ways & Means:    TBA

Amos Ferguson:     Al Hyde & David Peters

Service Officer:    Stuart Worthington

By-Law:     George Temperton

Branch Convener:     Janine MacLean

Bar Manager:    Heather Lindsay

Bookkeeper:    BDO

Branch Manager:     Heather Lindsay

Assistant Branch Manager:     Cathy Gates

Sgt-at-Arms:     Paul Schultz  

If you wish to contact any member of the Executive Team or Table Officers, please call the Administration office with a forwarding message. Telephone: 604-535-1080           

The Team

Crescent Branch 240