The Branch 240 "TEAM"

Table Officers

President           Stu Worthington

Ist Vice               Doug Milne

2nd Vice             Mark Nichol

Executives Members

Sports                 Tom Fleming and Scott Mchon       

Donations          Mark Nichol

Youth                  Paul Schwartz

Poppy                 Doug Milne and Al Hyde

Membership      Lana Friesen

Publicity & Special Events      Doug Milne

Building & Grounds    Ed Thorpe

Honours & Awards    Lana Friesen

Sick & Visiting     Percy Smith

Ways & Means    Brenda Laronde and Lynn Marklinger

Sgt. At Arms        Paul Schwartz

If you wish to contact any member of the Executive Team or Table Officers, please call the Administration office with a forwarding message. Telephone: 604-535-1080           

Crescent Branch 240

The Team